A lovely plan.

To live a low-impact life together, rewild, grow some veg and enjoy nature.

Update: We're on our way! Check below for regular updates, but here's the latest in brief:

We are looking for people to join us in or near Bristol, with the intention to form a bond and develop friendships, and either find a large* place to rent together for a year or so June/July 2022; or join an existing cohousing/intentional community group. We hope to find a group of people, become a bit closer to each other, and then take the next step to purchase land/etc after we've got a good grounding in friendship and good communication :)

If this sort of timeline meets your needs and you like our vision below, then please get in touch and we'll have a chat on the phone or meet in person.

* what do we mean by “large space”? We value our privacy as well as community so we wish to live together but not be on top of each other!

The overview/longer view...

We are three people inspired by nature, community, friendship and wellbeing, looking to start a co-housing project with the values of permaculture, living close to nature, open and honest community, and joyful living. We are at very early stages, we are looking for other people who want to join us in this adventure and be part of shaping the plan. What we end up creating will depend on who else joins us! These are some of the things we aspire to creating: